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Her First Big Cock video – Taylor playing with two black cocks

As promised we are back with another Her First Big Cock video for you guys. We have our slutty Taylor trying out her first black experience.  She got invitation to a party for one of her friends, than mentioned he had a special surprise for her if she came. Of course that made her extremely curious and she dressed up and went.

When she arrived there she didn’t knew what to expect, but after a while she saw her friend chatting with two black hunks and then everything was clear for her. So ended up in a room with the two studs ripping off their cloths. She just couldn’t wait to try out her first black cock, but this was even better because she got two hard cocks instead of one. So she started sucking them one by one and tried to swallow all the cum she got. Meanwhile the other one started roughly pounding her holes one by one. So don’t miss this and check out for more on HerFirstBigCock.com update. Enjoy it and if you liked it and you are looking for similar vids and picture galleries come inside darkcavern.org website and have fun watching other hot babes getting fucked by huge cocks!
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Her First Big Cock videos – Naughty Kitty

We are back with more Her First Big Cock videos. Today we have Kitty and her insane threesome scene with these two ripped hunks. Kitty was complaining that she never had a black guy so her friends set her up with another friend of their. When Kitty found out she was annoyed but after seeing her hunk she started thanking her friends. But one monster cock is never enough for her so she ended up in this hotel room with two guys with monster tools ready to please her pussy.

They didn’t need any foreplay so that started sucking and fucking all over the place like crazy. Kitty started taking turns on sucking their fat tools. She just couldn’t get enough cock in her filthy mouth. But the guys didn’t want to wait so they started taking turns as well. While one of them got their tool sucked, the other one took her of holes, first her eager pussy and afterwards her butthole. So don’t miss this and check out more on HerFirstBigCock.com updates. Enjoy it and we’ll be back next week with more videos!
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Her First Big Cock – Missy Mayhem

Missy Mayhem brought you guys her first big cock pics gallery. She just couldn’t wait to share it with you guys. Although it was quite a change for her she did extremely well. She went with the brothers latest week for that holidays to a resort close to the city. But you know how these things are, everyone gets drunk and horny and that’s what happened in Missy’s case as well. After she had a few drinks she got extremely drunk and started stripping and showing off her goods in front of everyone.


So two of the guys took advantage of the situation and took her in a room to try out their luck. At first she didn’t want to sleep with them but then one of them shoved his hard cock in her filthy mouth. She didn’t had cocks that big until them so she accepted the challenge. And before you know it she just didn’t want to let go of the cock. And she sucked it until she got all covered with nasty jizz all over her pretty face. But that was only the beginning so don’t miss the entire gallery. Hope you’ll enjoy it and we’ll see you next week witn more HerFirstBigCock updates!

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HerFirstBigCock – Kristen riding a black cock

HerFirstBigCock brought you for today’s update our gorgeous Kirsten with her first experience. She started talking with this black guys on the internet for the past days. They’ve got kind of close so they decided to go out on a date. Everything went so smoothly that they decided to got out another time. Well Kristen had serious plans for their second date, so she prepared for it. She put on her sexy black lingerie, hot dress and high heels and went to meet him.


After their date ended she invited him to her place for a coffee. But the moment they entered, they started kissing each other passionately and undressing each other. She got on her knees and shoved his fat cock in her filthy mouth and started sucking his monster cock until she got got cum all over her hot body. After she got his cock all hard she stuffed it in her eager pussy and started riding it like crazy. You couldn’t even tell that this was her first big cock experience. So check out it to see what can our gal Kristen do and we’ll be back next time with more updates. Enjoy it and if you liked it check out darkcavern.us website and enjoy watching other hot babes getting fucked by big black cocks!

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Faith Leon in hardcore interracial threesome

We are back with more Her First Big Cock videos and pics for you guys. Our guest for today is Faith Leon and her insane interracial threesome. Our gal Faith had many cocks until now but this was herfirstbigcock scene and she sure enjoyed it. She got a dare from her friends to try out a black cock, she accepted because she didn’t believe what she heard about black hunks and their monster tools.


But when the guys entered the room she started to have second thoughts. They started touching her and slowly undressing her and showing off her amazing body. When Faith saw their tools she was shocked, they were huge. But there was no way back and she continued and started sucking them one by one. Then the guys started hammering her holes one by one. They begun with her juicy pussy and continued with her bubbly ass stretching them to the limits. Then the guys filled her holes at once and that’s how they ended up sucking and fucking all over the place, just like in the videos from blackicepass.org website. Check out the entire gallery and see how this hot scene ended. Hope you’ll enjoy it and we’ll be back next week with more updates!

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Her First Big Cock Bree Olson Scene

Her First Big Cock Bree Olson scene is here for you lucky guys. She got a strange offer from her boyfriend the other day. He was telling her that he wanted to spice things up a bit in the relationship and he kept saying that for a while now. So one day she agreed, so she could see what he had in mind. She never expected that she will receive some bigcocksex so that same evening her man came home with a friend from work for dinner. After eating Bree started cleaning the table the guys put in action they plan.



So when she returned she found them completely naked jerking off their cocks. At first she didn’t knew how to react, but when she heard her man saying that was his plan she was on board. So she took off her cloths revealing her amazing body and delicious curves and started pleasing some fat cocks. She spread her legs and shoved her man’s tool in her juicy pussy and stuffed the other black monster in her filthy mouth and begun sucking it. She just didn’t want to stop until she got all covered with creamy loads of cum all over her impressive knockers and pretty face. Check her out in this new herfirstbigcock update. Enjoy and see you next time!

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Her First Big Cock – Katie’s first time

Katie wanted to share with you guys her first big cock experience and she brought some pics as well. Katie is this horny teen, with an amazing body, delicious curves and always ready for a rough pounding. She heard her friends talking about black guys but she just couldn’t believe so she wanted to have a big cock porn experience She noticed these hot ripped and black guys at a gym close to her place. So she didn’t want to wait and went and started talking with the guys.


She got to talk with this older black guy that seemed interested so she invited him over to show her some new exercises for the gym. And he sure teach her some new things, that’s for sure. They ended up kissing and undressing each other and when Katie grabbed his cock thru her pants she was surprised and pleased. So she jumped in to bed bent over, spread her legs and begun her black journey. So got that monster black cock stuffed in her eager pussy stretching it to the limits. At first she didn’t liked it so much but things changed after a while. And that’s how out gal Katie tried out herfirstbigcock . Enjoy it and see you next time!

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Britney and her first black cock

Another hot scene is here for you guys. This time Britney wanted to share with you guys her first big cock porn scene. Britney is this smoking hot babe, with an amazing body, delicious curves and just can’t pass a day without a rough pounding. But she didn’t have too much luck with guys lately, so her friends wanted to help her out. They’ve prepared for her party and hired two hot strippers for the event who are the proudly owners of a two huge cocks!


After it was all over she ended up, on purpose, with her two strippers that were paid do to a little more than dancing, but Britney didn’t knew that. So she offered them a drink but the guys refused her and started stripping and finally they got completely naked. So before you know it she got undressed and got a huge monster cock stuffed in her juicy pussy stretching it to the limits. So don’t miss out this hardcore threesome scene and see how it all ended. Enjoy it and see you next week with more HerFirstBigCock updates! If you wanna see some sexy Latina sluts getting their pussies fucked, check out the mexicanlust website!

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HerFirstBigCock – Megan gets double teamed

We are back with more HerFirstBigCock pics for you lucky guys. Megan just couldn’t wait to started riding these ripped guys. She found them while moving to her place, the guys were the ones that helped her and carried all of her furniture. After finishing Megan wanted to see them again, so she invited them to a dinner the thank them for helping her our, although they were paid to do it.

After enjoying her delicious dinner she started flirting with them and the guys knew what she really wanted. So when she went to the kitchen to take the dirty dishes the guys prepared her a surprise. When Megan returned in the room she found them completely naked waiting on the couch. So she started doing what she know best and ripped off all of her cloths. Then she started sucking her black hunk’s monster tool. She just couldn’t enough of it and she didn’t stop until she got nasty jizz all over her delicious curves. The other hunk than started to nail her holes one by one, starting with her eager pussy and continuing with her butthole. So don’t miss this hot update and check out her first big cock videos as well. Enjoy it and if you wanna see other hot babes being fucked by huge cocks check out the teenfidelity website.


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Her First Big Cock – Lara Roxx

We are back with more her first big cock pics for you lucky guys. This time we have smoking hot Lara Roxx and her insane threesome scene. Lara is this hot babe with amazing curves, impressive knockers and an eager pussy waiting to her stuffed. She got a call from two of her friends letting her know they were coming to town with some business and need a place to stay. Of course she didn’t want to hear about hotel and suggested them to stay at her place.

The first night they guys were extremely tired so everyone went to sleep, but the next night things changed. They stayed and talked until one of them had the an crazy idea. Lara never was with two guys in the same time so this was a challenge for her as well. So she stripped and jumped on her knees and started sucking the guy’s hard tool one by one. She just couldn’t stop until she got covered with creamy loads of cum all over her pretty face and impressive knockers. So don’t miss this hardcore scene and check out the rest of the updates only on HerFirstBigCock.com! Enjoy it and see you next time and if you can’t wait until the next week’s update come inside the website and have fun!


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